Launch X431 PRO 3 in Kempton Park, Gauteng for sale

Launch X431 PRO 3
Launch X431 PRO 3
Launch X431 PRO 3
Launch X431 PRO 3

Launch X431 PRO 3
What are the main differences between PRO and PRO3?
• PRO3 has a 10.1″ screen size (PRO has 7″).
• PRO3 has a quad-core process (PRO has a dual core) – PRO3 is double as fast.
• PRO3 has 1GB memory and 8GB storage (PRO has 512mb memory and 2GB storage).
• PRO3 has a 6600mAH battery (PRO has a 3000mAH) – PRO3 battery is double.
• PRO3 and PRO have the similar software, however hardware of PRO3 has improved.
Kit includes
• Hard Carry Case.
• 10.1″ Android Tablet.
• Bluetooth Communication Unit.
• 77 Passenger Vehicle Software’s 23 Additional Connectors.
• Reads / erases fault codes (Turns off service lights).
• Actuation / Component testing.
• Live Data values + Freeze Frame function.
• ECU Coding.
• Service light resets.
• Electronic parking brake reset.
• Injector programming.
• Diesel particulate filters regen/replacement.
• Key/immobilizer coding.
• VIN recognition, auto-search.
• Live data recording and multiple graphing.
• & Much more.
• Body systems including air con & comfort / convenience systems.
• Live data streams.
• Engine.
• A/T.
• ABS.
• SRS (airbags, battery etc.)
• Body Control modules (seat belt sensor circuits etc.)
• Vehicle theft deterrent (remotes, keys)
• Instrument Panel Cluster (Temperature control, odometer malfunction)
• Radio systems (power supply, disk exchanger etc.)
• & Much more!
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